Suspension Options


Touring Line

Suspensions are adapted to utilise OEM top mounts and matched Eibach springs to ensure an even higher level of road compliance and comfort for road-biased cars. On factory RS/GT Porsche’s fitted with monoball/camber top mounts, this offers a substantial saving and a very stealthy upgrade! You can now experience that track feeling of ultimate control and performance, but with comfort for daily use.

Road / Track Line

Suspensions come equipped with anodised adjustable monoball/camber top mounts and choice of Eibach Racing Springs in various spring rates. This is a no-compromise performance replacement system for your Porsche. With this system, you will experience blistering reaction times and a massive increase in grip that will give you the confidence to push your car to  its absolute limit

Competition Line

For Race Teams, we can build dedicated suspension set-ups to ensure you get race-winning performance on the track. Please contact us for more information.


Porsche 964 ACE shock

About TracTive Suspension

TracTive Suspension have been independently developing the technology behind their semi-active, adaptive electronic systems since 2010. They now lead the world, offering the fastest reacting, lowest friction, 1-way, 3-way and semi-active electronic ACE and R-ACE suspension options. As TracTive Suspensions exclusive UK Agent for Porsche products, we can now offer the most accomplished, sophisticated, quality engineered, aftermarket suspension solutions available.

Whether you own an air-cooled Porsche, the latest 992, GT or Cup race car, we have a solution for you and your Porsche.

TracTive Suspension is the official sponsor of the 911 Challenge and Porsche Club Motorsport.

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