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Porsche 996 ACE shock

Porsche 996 Carrera 4 & Turbo

TracTive Suspension systems are available in conventional 1-way, 3-way systems and technologically advanced electronic semi-active ACE & R-ACE systems.

Road & Track Line:

Suspensions come equipped with TracTive's own anodised adjustable monoball/camber top mounts and choice of Eibach Racing Springs in various spring rates. This is a no-compromise performance replacement system for your Porsche.

Choosing this option will give you the ultimate level of response and reaction times from the dampers. Also considerably more adjustability over the Touring Line version which utilises the standard factory top mounts.

With this option, you will experience increased grip and intuitive feedback that will give you the confidence to push your car to its absolute limit.

Touring Line: Suspensions are adapted to utilise OEM top mounts and matched Eibach springs to ensure an even higher level of road compliance and comfort for road-biased cars. On factory RS/GT Porsche’s fitted with monoball/camber top mounts, this offers a substantial saving and a very stealthy upgrade! You can now experience that track feeling of ultimate control and performance, but with comfort for daily use.

Competition Line: For Race Teams, we can build dedicated suspension set-ups to ensure you get race-winning performance on the track. Please contact us for more information.

Road & Track Line

TracTive 1-Way


Is a complete performance replacement system which incorporates all the knowledge obtained during the development of our advanced electronic ACE (Active Controlled Electronic) systems. TracTive’s state-of-the-art modular manufacturing techniques ensure our 1-way systems benefit from the same motorsport quality engineering and materials found on our range-topping R-ACE systems. An orange anodised adjuster offers 20 clicks Rebound & Compression.


Price: € 3595*

* ALL prices shown are ex-works and exclusive of VAT and Duty where applicable

TracTive 3-Way


All the benefits of our 1-way systems but adds the ability to independently adjust Rebound damping, Low-Speed Compression damping and High-Speed Compression damping. External reservoirs increase fluid capacity to ensure lower temperatures when competing in endurance race events. These reservoirs can be remotely situated, piggy-backed or mounted inline.

With this system, you will experience blistering reaction times, improved bump absorption and a massive increase in grip that will give you the confidence to push your car to its absolute limit and beyond.


Price: € 6610*

* ALL prices shown are ex-works and exclusive of VAT and Duty where applicable

TracTive ACE (Active Controlled Electronic)

Gives you independent control of front and rear damping, mid-corner roll and pitch during corner entry, braking and acceleration. All from the comfort of your car using the optional CANchecked touchscreen controller.

Inside each ACE electronic damper is our patented Dynamic Damping Adjustment valve (DDA) controlled by a sensitive multi-axis g-sensor and advanced algorithms developed from decades of racing and road testing. An incredibly large damping range is possible electronically, capable of responding within 6-10ms. Consider for a moment, the average human reacts to visual stimulus within 250ms, you begin to realise what a game-changer TracTive is compared to existing suspension systems.

ACE has an intuitive ability to react to changing road surfaces and conditions. Bumps and compressions mid-corner will be absorbed before you have time to react, easily holding the desired line through a series of high-speed corners without being thrown offline.

Grip levels in all conditions are vastly increased, giving you the ability to push your car to limits you previously thought were not possible.

Damper settings are completely customisable from comfortable road compliance to controlled aggression on the race track and can be saved onto five presets for one-touch convenience.


Alternatively, you can choose to have a discreet knurled rotary knob with 5 suspension maps developed for your driving style.


Price: € 6030*

Touchscreen: TCU-S15

Price: € 995*

* ALL prices shown are ex-works and exclusive of VAT and Duty where applicable

TracTive R-ACE


All the benefits of the ACE technology but adds motorsport remote reservoirs with high & low-speed compression adjusters. These adjusters fine-tune damper characteristics to find the perfect balance for track setup and race pace.

The compression adjusters can be located remotely, piggy-backed or mounted in-line with the dampers.

As the name suggests, R-ACE is best suited for extreme race and endurance applications.

R-ACE is the very pinnacle of what is currently possible using knowledge gained from decades of racing at the premier level.


Price: € 8435*

Touchscreen: TCU-S15

Price: € 995*

* ALL prices shown are ex-works and exclusive of VAT and Duty where applicable

Touchscreen Display

TracTive Touchscreen Controller (TCU-S15) ACE & R-ACE Systems:


As an option, we supply a TFT touchscreen controller enabling you to be in complete control of adjustment to damping, roll and pitch. This can be changed either on-the-fly or saved onto 5 favourite suspension maps accessible via one-touch buttons.

Front and rear damping adjustment can be changed independently allowing you to fine-tune the handling and balance characteristics of your car.

Damping can either be adjusted from full soft for complete road compliance to the perfect fast road or track setup by touching the + button to increase or – to decrease stiffness.

Roll (mid-corner) and Pitch (dive under braking and squat under acceleration) can also be controlled in a similar fashion.

5 favourite suspension set-ups can be saved onto one-touch buttons for immediate changes to cover every driving scenario, road or weather condition.

The screen is based on a CANchecked MFD28 display offering a 2.8-inch colour touchscreen mounted on a milled black aluminium bezel and offers MicroSD and MicroUSB connectivity.


Race cars using data logging displays, running Can Bus software can communicate directly with the TracTive ACE and R-ACE suspension systems without the need to use the TCU-S15 screen.

TracTive Programmable 5-way Rotary Controller for ACE & R-ACE Systems:


Alternatively, if you want something more subtle and easily concealed inside any classic or standard factory interior, there is the optional programmable rotary dial.

Offering the driver 5 perfectly matched suspension options covering commuting, touring, fast road and track, these can be tailored to suit, then downloaded at the time of installation and further tweaked if necessary.