Touring Line

TracTive’s Touring Line products are adapted to use OEM top mounts and are developed for drivers looking for a high-quality sports suspension package predominantly developed on the road for drivers insisting on-road comfort and compliance over outright performance. Mass-produced OEM cars are full of compromises when it comes to performance and handling. Tractive offers a significant upgrade in terms of quality and handling performance.

Available for the following models:

Porsche 930, 964, 993


Tractive ACE technology (Activity Controlled Electronic) creates the ability to have a compliant, forgiving and comfortable car for a daily commute, but with a push of a button, the vehicle can transform to active and responsive for fast road and track use. This change is possible due to the patented Tractive DDA Valve, which benefits from a large damping adjustment range within 6-10ms or 1/100th sec.
Vehicle movements are accurately measured, using this information, each damper is individually controlled. Dependent on settings, this can instantly change from a comfortable but safe set-up to a sporty and responsive set-up with 5 configurable suspension maps switchable inside your car.



Tractive One-Way dampers are based on the knowledge obtained while developing the Tractive ACE system. One-Way dampers are build using the same high-end components as the Tractive ACE dampers. One-Way dampers come as standard with 20 clicks to adjust both rebound and compression damping.

Tractive Touring line dampers come with the following specifications:

  • Inverted 43mm McPherson struts where applicable

  • 38mm piston for inverted and specific rear shocks

  • 46mm piston for Multilink suspension and similar

  • 16mm spindle for maximum strength and rigidity

  • Damper made for fitment of OEM top mounts where applicable

  • Formed springs for selected applications with fixed springs rates

  • Racing springs for selected applications with customizable spring rates

  • ACE or One-Way dampers

  • Steel McPherson struts with adjustable 7075 aluminum mounting bracket

  • 7075 aluminum ARB where applicable